Impact-O-Graph Devices
Impact-O-Graph Devices
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Industry: Production and Manufacturing

Founded: 1970

Impact-O-Graph Devices has been a leading provider of innovative transportation and equipment monitoring solutions, serving the global business community for approximately 40 years. Our legacy is to provide our partners and customers with cost effective, high quality products that will enable them to reduce their risks, cost of operations, and protect their valued reputations and business relationships. 

Impact-O-Graph Devices is setting the standard for easy to use shock, temperature and tilt monitoring devices. 

When shipping sensitive goods, impact indicators, and recorders provide a low cost, yet highly reliable way to detect impacts that can potentially damage your shipment. Our products monitor valuable and sensitive goods while en route to their final destination. 

Our highly visible companion labels encourage transport personnel to handle all shipments with care. The labels create an awareness that the package is being monitored for mishandling which builds accountability amongst the various handlers throughout the journey. 

We help reduce the incidence of damage in shipping by visually making your carrier aware they are accountable and that the shipment is being monitored. We display evidence of impacts so your customer can inspect the package for hidden damage upon the delivery of goods. 

We can also monitor and record the magnitude and time of impacts as well as user-definable maximum and minimum temperature if required. This can be valuable information for your engineers and logistics managers, particularly if you have components that can go out of specification in transit 

By reducing replacement and repair expense, customer satisfaction improves. Monitoring and recording such data can help identify trouble spots in the transportation cycle and if required, point to the accountable party to help insurance claims.